Fluke Networks Analyzer Repair


Fluke Networks Network Analyzer RepairFluke Networks Analyzer Repair

Fluke Networks DSP-4000 Analyzer Repair

Fluke Networks DSP-4000 Analyzer RepairAllen Industries electronics technician’s repair and calibrate Fluke DSP series cable analyzers on a daily basis. Our technicians have also been using Fluke DSP series network testers in the field for over a decade. We stress to our electronic technicians that repair is only half of the job. Understanding the product they are repairing thoroughly in the test stage is paramount as well. They do… unsurpassed.

Fluke Networks DSP-4100 Analyzer Repair

Fluke Networks DSP-4100 Analyzer RepairAfter repairing Fluke cable analyzers over the years our electronics technicians have learned and seen subtle nuances that only someone can understand with working with a product for so long it is almost a relationship with the meter and the engineers that designed the meter. A good analogy is when a person has driven a vehicle for years and understands every sound and feel of that particular and all of a sudden there is a tick or other sound or feeling. All of our electronics technician’s agree to this as when they have seen and repaired so many analyzers that they know them better than their own vehicle (they are technicians not mechanics) right when they power the analyzer on. This is how well seasoned they are. Our repair facility now perform Firmware updates for the DSP series cable analyzers.

Fluke Networks DSP-4300 Analyzer Repair

Fluke Networks DSP-4300-repair | Fluke DSP-4300 Repair

Fluke cable analyzer Creme De La Creme… Why? Groundbreaking technology and amazingly adverse accessories with any network in mind. Any adapter for any network, personality modules, ahead of the networking infrastructure to make Fluke Networks by far the recipient of Best of Technology awards time and time again. Our technician’s and engineers are right with the technology to stay on top of the hardware and is to be Nona-technology in the future.

Fluke Networks DTX-1200 Analyzer Repair

Fluke Networks DTX-1200 Repair | Fluke DTX-1200 Repair

Recently discontinued with Fluke Networks moving on to better (believe it or not) to the Versiv family… Our electronics technicians fell in love with the DTX series cable analyzers because the time to analyze and certify was unbelievable at their inception. Our electronics technicians are as much as customers as repair technicians. they use the products as much as they repair them and they are avid Fluke Networks followers with a passion on both the repair side and the field service side. Our repair facility now perform Firmware updates for the DTX series cable analyzers. Also calibration cannot be forgotten.

Fluke Networks DTX-1500 Analyzer Repair

Fluke Networks DTX-1500 Repair

Although Fluke Networks engineers have done an amazing job to strengthen the DTX meters, they still have to endure the roughest test environments. Let’s face it, if you have been in the field using these cable testers we run into some precarious positions and heights and all of a sudden the analyzer falls or slides in the worst place possible. We have been there and this why we know which parts to stock to keep the repair time down to a minimum. Our repair facility now perform Firmware updates for the DTX series cable analyzers.

Fluke Networks DTX-1800 Analyzer Repair

Fluke Networks DTX-1800 RepairFinally, we hate to see the DTX family come to a close but what a meter. Fluke Networks engineers must run off 5 hours sleep because we are followers in every way. The design, the technology burst innovation at every turn, the accessories, the cloud, the software, the versatility, improves at a mind-bending pace. Fortunately our engineers and electronics technicians stay up pretty late learning the industry as well. This is why we repair, calibrate, and offer Fluke field service for our customers. Our repair facility now perform Firmware updates for the DTX series cable analyzers.

Fluke Networks OneTouch Network Assistant Repair

Fluke Networks OneTouch Meter RepairFluke OneTouch and NetScout One Touch have been a staple networking tool for over a decade and if you are a long term IT Admin or going up the ranks you know the Fluke OneTouch pretty well. It is the second step in troubleshooting behind getting out of your chair and away from traditional networking which we all know is a witch hunt. We know this to be true because we have been there on both sides and we understand a consistent networking troubleshooting meter is most important.

Fluke Networks LinkRunner LRAT-1000 Network Tester Repair

Fluke Networks LinkRunner LRAT-1000 Repair | LinRunner

Fluke LinkRunner along with NetScout have created a Suite of Network Testers, Network Analyzers to fulfill any size network environment from copper testing, fiber testing, to Wi-Fi testing environments. The capabilities range from a single tester or to having a family of the dual testers and analyzers which we abide by for service calls to our customers. If you are in need of a Fluke LinkRunner Tester repair please feel free to fill out our easy Quick Quote Form and we will respond promptly.

Fluke Networks LinkRunner LRAT-2000 Network Tester Repair

Fluke Networks Linkrunner LRAT-2000 Repair | Linkrunner Fluke LinkRunner AT-2000 is a start to network troubleshooting. Our engineers use these for the first step in network troubleshooting. When conditions become more complex and usually they do, our engineers provide the Versiv Suite. Much more expensive but far more intuitive.  If your company is in need of IT complex troubleshooting, we are here to help. Network troubleshooting begins in layers, then transforms in repair and faster connectivity.

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Victoreen® 05-437


06-007, 06-611, 06-622, 06-638, 06-686


06-526 & 06-526-2200











Victoreen® 07-479



Victoreen 07-494

07-501 to 07-555




07-601, 07-619 and 07-618






Fluke Biomedical 10100AT

Fluke 101 Digital Multimeter

Victoreen® 1060AM



Fluke 10 Multimeter

Fluke 114, 115, 116, and 117

Fluke 114, 115, 117  True-rms Multimeters

Fluke 116 True-rms Multimeter

Fluke 116C True-rms Multimeter

Fluke 11/12 Multimeter

Fluke 110, 111, 112

Fluke 123 / 124

Fluke 123

125 Industrial Scopemeter

1281 Selfcal Digital Multimeter

12 Multimeter

12B / 18 / 7 Multimeter

12E Digital Multimeter

1362/S/MT VXIbus Card DMM

1503 / 1507 Insulation Testers

Fluke 1508 Insulation Tester

1520 MegOhmMeter

1520 Megohmmeter

1550 Megohmmeter

1550 Megohmmeter

1550B Megohmmeter

1550B Megohmmeter

1550C / 1555 Insulation Tester

1550C / 1555 Insulation Tester

1577 / 1587 Insulation Multimeters

15B & 17B Multimeters

1577 & 1587 Insulation Multimeters

1621 Earth Ground Tester

1623 Earth Ground Tester

1625 Earth/Ground Tester

1630 Earth Ground Clamp

163 / 164 Multifunction Counter

1651B Electrical Installation Tester

1653B /1654B Electrical Installation Tester

165X Electrical Installation Tester

165XB Electrical Installation Tester

16 Multimeter with Temperature

1730 Energy Logger

1730 Energy Logger

1735 Power Logger

1743 / 1744 Power Quality Logger

1745 Power Quality Logger

1750 Power Recorder

175, 177, 179 Multimeters

1760 Power Quality Recorder

183, 185 True RMS Multimeters

187 & 189 True RMS Multimeters

18-201 and 18-207


18-216, 18-216-1000

18B Digital Multimeter

190 Series Scopemeters

190 Series II Scopemeter

192B, 196B/C, 199B/C Scopemeter

190M Medical Scopemeter

Victoreen® 190N

192, 196, 199 Scopemeter

1953A Counter / Timer


19xC-2x5C Scopemeter


2042 Cable Locator

2180A Digital Thermometer

21 Multimeter

2200B Data Logger

2205A Switch Controller

2240C Data Logger

2280 Series Data Logger

2285 / 2286 Data Logger

231D / 232D Electrical Safety Analyzers

233 True RMS Digital Multimeter

23 Multimeter

27 Multimeter

287 / 289 Digital Multimeter

28 II Ex Digital Multimeter

27 II/28 II Digital Multimeters

302+ / 303 Clamp Meter

305 Clamp Meter


317 / 319 Clampmeter

31 / 33 True RMS Clampmeter

332A Voltage Calibrator

332D DC Voltage Standard

35035 mA / mAs Meter

35040 Therapy Dosimeter

35080B kVp Divider

35080M kVp Divider

353 | 355 Clamp Meter

360  Clamp Meter

362 Clamp Meter

365 True RMS Clampmeter

373 Clamp Meter

37-001 Tel-Align Gauge

37 Multimeter

374 / 375 / 376 Clampmeter

381 Remote Display Clamp Meter

4000M+ Victoreen X-Ray Test