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Fluke DTX-1200 Network Analyzer Factory Calibration

Allen Industries not only offers Factory calibration for Fluke Networks DTX-1200 CalibrationFluke Networks, we also offer repair services for all Fluke Networks testers and analyzers. Need NIST calibration for ISO-9000? We perform NIST calibration for all Fluke meters and Fluke Networks products. Allen Industries also offers repair services for all Fluke Networks analyzers and testers.

Fluke DTX-1500 Cable Analyzer Factory Calibration

Fluke DTX-1500 factory calibration | Fluke Networks DTX-1500 Allen Industries offers factory calibration for the Fluke DTX-1500 cable analyzer and smart remote and also offers annual notifications to our customers for each set of meters needing annual Factory Calibration. Allen Industries also rewards our customers for loyalty, the more cable testers sent in for annual calibration the deeper the savings.

Fluke DTX-1800 Cable Analyzer Factory Calibration

Fluke DTX-1800 factory calibration | Fluke cable analyzer calibrationFactory Calibration is supported for all versions of software for the Fluke DTX-1800 cable analyzers and smart remotes. After calibration, your Fluke DTX-1800 cable analyzer the calibration certificates will show last cal. date as current, (the date our technician’s performed the calibration procedure for the analyzer and smart remote). The same calibration voltages as sending the analyzer to fluke, however Fluke no longer offers calibration