ISO Calibration For Fluke Insulation Testers $125 & $325

June Company offers rapid Fluke insulation tester ISO calibration service to comply with your ISO-9001 program. Along with other insulation tester calibration, we offer a flat fee of $125 for a tester with a 1000-volt limit. To begin the quick and easy calibration process with ISO-17025 certificate, please fill out the Service Request Form and a service representative will respond as soon as possible and usually within the hour.

Fluke Insulation Tester ISO Calibration Service

We also off ISO calibration services for insulation testers with 5kV and 10kV testing limits for a flat fee of $325. These calibration costs will not change or increase in the future, and all calibrations include an ISO-17025 certificate traceable to NIST guidelines. All calibration certificates are valid for one year per the ISO guidelines for annual calibrations criteria.

ISO Calibration For Fluke Insulation Testers