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Fluke Multimeter ISO Calibration | ISO-9000 Calibration

Allen Industries can perform annual calibration for your multimeter to NIST standards for your ISO-9000 program. Calibrations are performed and if within compliance a certificate is generated and sent either with the Fluke Multimeter ISO Calibrationmeter or emailed as a PDF. The usual choice is sending the NIST certificate with the Fluke multimeter. If the multimeter is not in compliance we will contact the customer with options such as repair and/or a sales quote. Most Fluke multimeter’s are in compliance so only the cost of the annual NIST calibration is incurred. If you have a Fluke multimeter or several Fluke multimeter’s that need NIST calibration for ISO-9000 compliance please fill out our Quick Quote Form and one of our friendly representatives will respond to you promptly.Fluke scopemeter ISO Calibration and Repair




Fluke Scopemeter ISO Calibration | ISO-9000 Calibration

Fluke Scopemeter ISO calibration is much more intricate the Fluke multimeter calibration and requires a much more sophisticated calibrator for ISO calibration. The electronic technician spends more time performing calibrations and the check list is much larger. Something as small as a dirty lead port can cause readings to be erratic or even lead length making the calibration fail. This is why you should send your calibrations to a company that also performs repairs because most Metrology companies will ship the unit back to the customer or to our company for repair. Our electronic technician’s clean the ports or any other minor problems to make the Fluke scope-meter pass calibration.