Fluke Networks LinkRunner RepairFluke Networks LinkRunner Repair

Fluke LinkRunner LRAT-1000 Repair

Fluke Networks LinkRunner LRAT-1000 RepairAllen Industries offers expert repair services for the Fluke LinkRunner LRAT-1000. Also calibration services are available. Fluke LinkRunner key features include:

  • Use network connectivity test to accurately test and identify network connectivity problems with the 10 second AutoTest
  • Network connectivity test for twisted pair Ethernet links at 10, 100 and Gigabit rates
  • Verify twisted pair Ethernet cable length and wiremap with the network cable tester

Fluke Networks LinkRunner LRAT-2000 Repair

Fluke Networks Linkrunner LRAT-2000 Repair | Linkrunner AT-2000 Repair Allen Industries repair and calibrate both the Fluke Networks LRAT-1000 and LRAT-2000. Our repair facility also repairs the LinkRunner Pro Series meters. NetScout has taken over the LinkRunner Series and our repair facility can accommodate repairs and calibrations for NetScout as well. Please fill out our Fluke Networks Quick Quote Form and a response will be made as soon as possible to your inquiry.