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Fluke 70 Series Multimeter Repair

In our technician’s eyes, this is where it all started for Fluke digital multimeter’s and as a matter Fluke 70 Series Multimeter Repairof fact they are still the fastest, most accurate for simple purposes, and the first Fluke to have “Auto” verses having your hands on two leads and finding the meter is out of range. Our technician’s repair Fluke 79 Multimeter’s with any problem or error. We also offer NIST calibration for ISO-9000 compliant organizations.

Fluke 80 Series Multimeter Repair

Fluke 80 Multimeter Repair | Fluke 83 | Fluke 85 Repair | Fluke 87 Repair Fluke 89 RepairFluke 80 Series including Fluke 83 repair, Fluke 85 repair, Fluke 87, and Fluke 89 meters. After the initial Fluke 80 Series then came the Fluke 80 III series and Fluke 80 series 80 V series. Our Fluke multimeter repair department knows all of the Fluke multimeter’s inside and out including ISO Calibration. Our Fluke multimeter repair department also stocks most Fluke multimeter parts to expedite the repair process.

Fluke 100 Series Multimeter Repair

Fluke- 100 Series Multi-Meter Repair | Fluke 179 Repair | Fluke 189 Repair

Fluke really changed up the look, the contour, the software, updated processor speed, surface mount hardware, and the display attributes. Our technician’s offer repair for the Fluke 100 Series multimeter’s and have actual Fluke OEM parts unlike most repair companies (we know this because we sell them to other repair companies). If you are in need of a Fluke repair and/or Fluke ISO calibration please fill out our easy to use QUICK QUOTE FORM and you will receive a reply promptly.


Fluke 200 Series Multimeter Repair

Fluke 279 multimeter repair, Fluke 289 multi-meter repair services consist of display replacement, touch pad replacement, port repair, surface mount semiconductor circuit board repair. Although most problems with the Fluke 279 multimeter’s and the Fluke 289 multimeter’s consist of battery corrosion with the battery acid not only corroding the battery contacts but corrode other parts of the meter as well. When this happens the entire circuit board and parts have to be con formally coated removed and contaminants resolved. Then the process to begin repair and finally calibration progresses.

Fluke 700 Series Process Meter Repair

Fluke process meter and the Fluke process calibrator series meters are an industry standard for Fluke 700 Series Process Meter Repairindustrial hand held meters and calibrators in one. In order to offer these calibration services our technicians have to repair, test, and calibrate all inputs and outputs. As such, the repair process is much more complicated, the PC board is multi-layered, and the semiconductors are proprietary.  However our technicians after so many repairs surpassed the wall of problems of sourcing parts and are now unbelievably talented in the repair of the industrial electronics arena.