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Fluke Versiv Meter Repair

Our Fluke Meter Repair  technicians and engineers repair all Fluke Network meter’s including older Fluke Omni Scanner purchased by Fluke years ago. Our technician’s stock most parts and we only replace parts with OEM original exact parts ensuring proper operation for years to come. Our calibration standards exceed the manufacturer’s specifications allowing users the most accurate readings possible. If your organization has an ISO-9000 program in place, we also offer NIST calibration as well. If you are in need of a Fluke Network meter repair please fill out our QUICK QUOTE form and a friendly member of our team will respond as soon as possible!

Fluke Networks DSX Cable Analyzer Repair

Fluke DSX analyzer repair | Fluke DSX-5000 repair | Fluke DSX-8000 repair

Allen Industries offer expert repair and calibration for the Fluke DSX-5000 repair, Fluke DSX-5000Qi Repair, Fluke DSX-5000Qi-W repair and calibration, Fluke DSX-5000OI-W Repair, Fluke DSX5000W Repair and Calibration, Fluke DSX-5000QOI repair and calibration, Fluke Networks DSX-8000 repair, Fluke DSX-8000OI network meter repair, Fluke DSX-8000QOI network meter repair, Fluke DSX-8000W meter repair, Fluke DSX-8000OI-W calibration , Fluke DSX-8000Qi models. The modular format for Fluke Versiv Network testers makes NetScout Versiv the most innovative network testers in the industry.

Fluke Networks CertFiber Pro Repair

Fluke CertiFiber Pro repair | Fluke CertiFiber RepairCable certification is very important in today’s businesses and that is why critical component failure need to repaired pro-actively. Our technicians not only repair the surface mount board with exact replacement parts for the Fluke CertiFiber Pro meter, they go a step further and replace parts such as surface mount electrolytic capacitors (that are known to fail after time) to ensure the network tester is in proper working condition for years in the future.

Fluke Networks OptiFiber Pro OTDR Repair

Fluke Optifiber Pro Repair | Fluke Optifiber Repair

Fluke OptiFiber Pro repair consists of the following: Our electronics technician’s have been trained thoroughly in fiber optics and the nuances in this trade, also have decades of combined experience with repairing Fluke OTDR’s and many other manufacturers OTDR’s. Most parts including touchscreen display and ports are kept in stock to expedite your repair. Rush repair is also available for and additional fee. If you would like to begin the very easy repair process please fill out our Quick Quote Form and a friendly associate will respond to you promptly.

Fluke Networks OneTouch AT Repair

Fluke OneTouch auto tester is a true asset for any network large or small. Our electronics technicians not only provide expert repair and calibration for the Fluke OneTouch, they also use them extensively in the field on service calls. It is one of the most valuable tools we use for customer’s network issues.