Fluke Network Tester Repair

Fluke Networks network testers and network analyzers range from small cable testers such as the Fluke Networks LinkRunner to full service analyzers such as the Fluke Networks OptiView tablets and everything in between. Our technician’s have decades of combined training and experience of repairing Fluke Networks testers and analyzers and our electronics technician’s also use the Fluke Networks meters in the field as well.

Fluke Multimeter Repair and Calibration

Fluke multimeter repair and calibration is performed on a daily basis in our repair facility and calibration labs. The advantage in our sector to have the ability to repair Fluke multimeter’s and calibrate Fluke multimeter’s in the same facility. For, instance our company receives on a regular basis repairs from Metrology companies because they did not pass calibration. This problem can be avoided when performing both the calibration and if it does not pass then we can offer solutions for the repair rather than send it to a third party.

Fluke Biomedical Tester Repair

Fluke Biomedical electronics are given great care during the repair, final testing, and calibration processes. All components are replaced with original OEM parts with the exact same electrical standards.

Fluke Calibrator Repair

Allen Industries offers complete repair services for Fluke Multifunction Calibrators such as the Fluke 5100B and 5200A calibrators, Fluke 5500A and 5520A calibrators, Fluke 5700A and 5720A calibrators. Our technician’s have everything to repair Fluke multifunction calibrators such as extender boards, load testing, power supply load testing after repair and the ability to understand communication and input/output testing.