Fluke Thermal Imager Repair

June Company’s thermal imager repair and refurbishment capabilities are meticulously aligned with manufacturers’ specifications, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy. We offer repair and calibration services for a wide range of thermal imagers and infrared cameras, including current, past, and specialized models from Fluke.

Current Models:

  • Fluke Ti480 PRO: Advanced thermal imager with enhanced image quality and temperature measurement accuracy.
  • Fluke Ti401 PRO: Professional thermal imager known for its high resolution and precise measurements.
  • Fluke TiS75+: Versatile thermal imager suitable for maintenance and troubleshooting tasks.
  • Fluke TiS60+: Cost-effective thermal imager offering good resolution and features.
  • Fluke TiS55+: Mid-range thermal imager designed for everyday inspections.
  • Fluke TiS20+: Entry-level thermal imager ideal for quick inspections.
  • Fluke TiX580: High-definition thermal imager featuring a flexible and ergonomic design.
  • Fluke TiX560: Advanced thermal imager renowned for its high resolution and performance.
  • Fluke PTi120: Compact pocket thermal imager for convenient diagnostics.
  • Fluke Ti450 SF6: Specialized thermal imager designed specifically for detecting SF6 gas leaks.

Past Models:

  • Fluke Ti32: High-performance thermal imager known for its rugged design and image quality.
  • Fluke Ti25: Durable thermal imager suitable for industrial applications.
  • Fluke Ti10: Basic thermal imager for quick and easy thermal inspections.
  • Fluke Ti100: Entry-level thermal imager equipped with essential features for troubleshooting.
  • Fluke Ti105: Improved version of Ti100 with better resolution and features.
  • Fluke TiR32: Thermal imager designed for building diagnostics and energy audits.
  • Fluke TiR27: Thermal imager tailored for building inspections with good resolution and features.
  • Fluke TiR1: Early model suitable for building and home inspection applications.
  • Fluke Ti55: Advanced thermal imager renowned for its high resolution and precision.
  • Fluke Ti40: Industrial thermal imager known for its good resolution and performance.

Specialized Models:

  • Fluke RSE300: Infrared camera designed for research and development purposes with high resolution.
  • Fluke RSE600: Advanced infrared camera suitable for scientific and research applications.
  • Fluke VT04: Visual IR thermometer offering blended thermal and visible images for enhanced inspection.
  • Fluke VT02: Compact visual IR thermometer ideal for quick inspections and diagnostics.

Our repair and calibration services strictly adhere to manufacturers’ specifications, ensuring precise measurements and reliable performance across all models. Whether it’s a current, past, or specialized model, June Company ensures that your thermal imager operates at its optimal level, meeting industry standards and requirements.

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Showing all 63 results