Fluke Earth Ground Tester Repair

Comprehensive Repair and Refurbishment Services

June Company offers thorough repair and refurbishment services for Fluke ground testers, addressing:

  • Measurement Accuracy: Calibration and adjustment to restore precise ground resistance measurements.
  • Component Failures: Replacement of defective parts with genuine or equivalent components for optimal functionality.
  • Display Malfunctions: Repair or replacement of LCD screens for clear and accurate readings.
  • Connectivity Issues: Resolution of interface and communication problems to ensure proper operation with other testing equipment.

Advanced Diagnostic Tools

June Company uses advanced diagnostic tools to accurately assess the performance of Fluke ground testers. These tools help identify faults precisely, enabling technicians to apply the appropriate repair methods and restore full functionality.

ISO9000 Calibration Services

June Company provides ISO9000 calibration services for Fluke ground testers worldwide. Their calibration procedures comply with ISO9000 standards, ensuring traceability, reliability, and adherence to international quality benchmarks.

Stocked Parts for Faster Service

June Company maintains an extensive inventory of parts specific to Fluke ground testers. By stocking these parts, they significantly reduce repair times, providing quicker turnaround and minimizing downtime for customers.

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Showing all 3 results