Fluke Scopemeter Repair

Fluke 196/003 Scopemeter Repair

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Fluke 196/003 Scopemeter repair and calibration service, June Company Industrial Services offers expert Fluke 196/003 scopemeter repair and calibration service for ISO certification. Rush and standard Fluke repair and calibration services are available. To receive a Fluke scopemeter 196/003 repair or calibration quotation, please fill out our short Fluke Quick Quote Form, and one of our customer service associates will respond to you shortly, usually within an hour.


June Company Industrial Services offers expert Fluke 196/003 scopemeter repair, and calibration service for ISO certification. In fact, we offer repair and calibration services for many oscilloscope models from many electronic test equipment manufacturers. The Fluke 196/003 Scopemeter offers bandwidth up to 100 MHz and comes with two channels. Also, it offers 1 Gs/s and 27500 points per input record length. Featuring the Stop-on-Trigger function, it analyzes pre-trigger waveform data. This Fluke scopemeter runs on a rechargeable NiMH battery. To receive a Fluke 196/003 scopemeter repair, or calibration service quotation, please fill out the short Fluke Quick Quote Form and one of our customer service associates will respond to you shortly, usually within an hour.


Fluke Scopemeter Repair

Fluke ScopeMeter products combine the functionality of an oscilloscope, a digital multimeter (DMM), and data recorder into portable handheld devices. They are designed for troubleshooting and diagnosing electrical and electronic systems in industrial, field service, and laboratory environments. Here are some key Fluke ScopeMeter products and their functionalities:
  1. Fluke 120 Series Handheld Oscilloscopes:
    • Functionality: Combines oscilloscope, multimeter, and recorder capabilities in a single portable device.
    • Features: Measures and displays voltage, current, frequency, and waveform characteristics. Can capture and analyze transient events and signal anomalies.
    • Applications: Suitable for field service technicians and maintenance professionals for troubleshooting electrical systems, motors, control circuits, and industrial automation.
  2. Fluke 190 Series II Portable Oscilloscopes:
    • Functionality: High-performance portable oscilloscopes with advanced measurement capabilities.
    • Features: Offers bandwidths up to 500 MHz, fast sampling rates, deep memory, and flexible triggering options. Provides detailed waveform analysis and trend recording.
    • Applications: Used in industrial, automotive, and aerospace applications for diagnosing complex electrical and electronic systems, including control systems and communications networks.
  3. Fluke 123, 124, and 125 Industrial ScopeMeters:
    • Functionality: Robust handheld oscilloscopes designed for rugged industrial environments.
    • Features: Offers dual input channels, up to 40 MHz bandwidth, and real-time sampling rates. Includes DMM capabilities for voltage, current, resistance, and continuity measurements.
    • Applications: Ideal for maintenance technicians and engineers working on machinery, process control systems, and power distribution systems where portability and durability are crucial.
  4. Fluke 190-204/S Portable ScopeMeter:
    • Functionality: Four-channel portable oscilloscope with DMM capabilities.
    • Features: Offers bandwidths up to 200 MHz, deep memory, and advanced triggering options. Provides simultaneous viewing of multiple signals and real-time data recording.
    • Applications: Used in complex industrial environments for troubleshooting electrical systems, analyzing control signals, and verifying performance of electronic components and circuits.
  5. Fluke ScopeMeter 120B Series:
    • Functionality: Compact and rugged handheld oscilloscopes with DMM functions.
    • Features: Offers bandwidths up to 100 MHz, dual input channels, and fast sampling rates. Includes automatic measurements, waveform recording, and trend plotting.
    • Applications: Suitable for service and maintenance tasks in automotive, HVAC, and process industries where space and portability are critical.
Fluke Scopemeter Repair

1 review for Fluke 196/003 Scopemeter Repair

  1. Jack Morrison

    Our Fluke Scopemeter had signal traces missing making the oscilloscope option useless for most purposes. We sent our scopemeter in for evaluation and they also repaired several buttons on top of the signal traces missing.

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