Fluke Infrared Camera Repair

Fluke Ti29 Thermal Imager Repair

June Company Industrial Services have repaired and calibrated Fluke infrared cameras (also known as a thermal imaging camera) in our service department and in the field alike. Our repair facility stock most Fluke parts reducing your down-time. A thermographic camera (also called an infrared camera or thermal imaging camera) is a device that forms an image using infrared radiation, similar to a common camera that forms an image using visible light. If you are in need of a Fluke Ti29 thermal imaging camera repair or calibration, simply fill out our Quick Quote form and a service specialist will reply as soon as possible.


At June Company Industrial Services, our Fluke Ti29 Thermal Imager Repair and field service technicians are very familiar with Fluke industrial products because they use them as customers too. As, a whole our company uses Fluke products for repair, troubleshooting, and calibrating products more than any other manufacturer. This puts us in a unique position where we know the user and software functionality of all industrial Fluke products as well as the hardware and the component design of all industrial Fluke products. We keep schematic diagrams for all of the Fluke products we service and never outsource to other repair companies but usually the opposite. If you are in need of a Fluke Ti29 Thermal Imager Repair and/or calibration please fill out our Quick Quote form and we will respond as soon as possible.


Fluke Infrared Camera Repair

Fluke Corporation is renowned for its range of thermal imaging cameras, which are essential tools for diagnosing and troubleshooting a variety of problems in electrical, mechanical, building, and HVAC/R applications. These cameras help identify heat patterns, detect energy loss, find moisture intrusion, and locate electrical faults. Here are some key Fluke thermal imaging products and their functionalities:
  1. Professional Thermal Imagers:
    • Fluke Ti300+: Offers a 320x240 resolution, advanced focus features, and wireless connectivity. It's ideal for electrical inspections, predictive maintenance, and equipment troubleshooting.
    • Fluke Ti480 PRO: Provides 640x480 resolution, enhanced measurement accuracy, and powerful analytics. It’s suitable for demanding applications requiring detailed image quality and precise temperature measurement.
  2. General Use Thermal Imagers:
    • Fluke TiS20+: Compact, affordable, and user-friendly with 120x90 resolution. It’s perfect for general troubleshooting in electrical, HVAC, and building applications.
    • Fluke TiS75+: Offers 384x288 resolution and advanced features like Asset Tagging and IR-PhotoNotes™, making it suitable for more detailed inspections and reporting.
  3. Compact Thermal Imagers:
    • Fluke PTi120: Pocket-sized thermal imager with 120x90 resolution, ideal for quick inspections and on-the-go troubleshooting. Features a rugged design for industrial environments.
  4. Fixed-Mount Thermal Imagers:
    • Fluke RSE300: A 320x240 resolution camera designed for research, science, and engineering applications, with software integration for advanced analysis.
    • Fluke RSE600: Provides 640x480 resolution and integrates seamlessly with MATLAB and LabVIEW, suitable for detailed thermal analysis in R&D environments.
  5. High-Performance Thermal Imagers:
    • Fluke TiX580: Features a 640x480 resolution with a rotating screen, allowing for flexible inspections. It’s ideal for challenging environments where detailed thermal imaging is required.
    • Fluke TiX1000: High-resolution 1024x768 thermal imager with advanced analytics and reporting features. Used for complex and critical inspections in industrial settings.
  6. Specialized Thermal Imagers:
    • Fluke Ti450 SF6: Combines a 320x240 thermal imager with gas detection for sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), commonly used in electrical utilities to detect gas leaks.
Fluke Infrared Camera Repair


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