Fluke FI-500 Repair

Fluke Networks FI-500 Fiberinspector Micro Repair and Calibration service

June Company Industrial Services offers professional  Fluke Networks FI-500 Fiberinspector repair and calibration service. Rush and standard Fluke Networks FI-500 Fiberinspector Pro repair service is available! The Fluke Networks FI-500 is designed to simplify the inspection process. The built-in PortBright flashlight helps you find the right port or cable. The small-profile probe fits into tight spots, and features pushbutton controls for simple operation. Autofocus camera provides a sharp view of the endface in a few seconds, while the pause button freezes the image on the crisp 320 x 240 display for more detailed inspection. To receive a Fluke Networks FI-500 FiberInspector repair or calibration quotation, simply fill out the Quick Quote form one of our friendly customer service associates will respond to you shortly, Usually within one hour!


June Company Industrial Services provides professional Fluke Networks FI-500 FiberInspector Micro repair and calibration services for various test equipment models. For a Fluke Networks FI-500 FiberInspector Micro repair service quotation, fill out the Quick Quote form, and our customer service associates will respond promptly, usually within one hour.


Fluke Network Meter Repair & Calibration

Allen Industries offer U.S. domestic and international professional repair and calibration services for Fluke network cable testers and Fluke intranet network analyzers. Our Fluke capabilities exceed most network cable tester repair facilities, including Fluke LinkRunner repair, Fluke Versiv cable tester repair, Fluke Versiv remote tester repair, and Fluke Versiv modules (Fluke DSX CableAnalyzer repair, OptiFiber Pro OTDR repair, Fluke CertiFiber Pro OLTS repair, Fluke FI-7000 Fiber Inspector repair, Fluke Network Assistant AT repair), Fluke DSX-5000 cable analyzer repair, Fluke DSX-8000 network cable analyzer repair, Fluke CableIQ meter repair, Fluke DTX-1800 network cable tester repair, Fluke DTX-1800 remote repair and calibration, Fluke DTX-1800 module repair, Fluke OptiView XG repair, Fluke AirCheck repair, Fluke AirCheck G2 repair, Fluke LinkIQ repair


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