Fluke Scopemeter Repair

Fluke 190-202/S Scopemeter Repair

June Company Industrial Services offers expert Fluke 190-202/S scopemeter repair and calibration service. Fluke rush and standard service are available! To receive a Fluke 190-202/S scopemeter repair and calibration quotation, please fill out the short Fluke Quick Quote Form and one of our knowledgeable customer service associates will respond to you shortly, usually within the hour!



June Company Industrial Services specializes in expert Fluke 190-202/S Scopemeter repair and calibration. Our services extend to counters, timers, and various meter models from different manufacturers. To request a repair or calibration service quotation, fill out the short Fluke Quick Quote Form. Our friendly customer service associates will respond promptly, usually within the hour. We offer both standard and rush services, along with calibration. Upon receiving your unit, our electronics technicians will evaluate the instrument and provide a formal estimate. All services are performed only after obtaining customer approval.


Fluke Scopemeter Repair

Allen Industries Fluke ScopeMeter international repair services not only offer expert repair services for most Fluke products, but also offer NIST traceable calibration for ISO-9001 compliant companies. Allen Industries Fluke scopemeter repair department concentrates only on the repair and calibration of Fluke scope-meters. Our Fluke scopemeter repair team repair, calibrate, and update Fluke firmware for the following Fluke scopemeters: Fluke 196 scopemeter repair, Fluke 199 scopemeter repair, Fluke 196C scopemeter repair, Fluke 199C scopemeter repair, Fluke 190-062 scopemeter repair, Fluke 190-062S scopemeter repair, Fluke 190-102 scopemeter repair, Fluke 190-204 scopemeter repair, Fluke MDA-510 motor drive analyzer repair, Fluke MDA-550 motor drive analyzer repair. Allen Industries also offers Fluke scopemeter firmware upgrades.
Fluke Scopemeter Repair


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