Fluke 6331 Calibration Bath Repair

June Company Industrial Services service and field technicians have repaired and calibrated Fluke Calibration Bath’s in the service department, in the field labs and remote testing stations for many years. Our repair facility stocks most Fluke parts and are well documented with most Fluke Industrial and lab meters and calibrators. A Fluke deepwell-bath for calibration of thermometers and sensors that do not fit in block calibrators. If you are in need of a Fluke 6331 Calibration Bath repair or calibration, simply fill out our Quick Quote form and a service specialist will reply as soon as possible.


June Company Industrial Services technicians have extensive experience repairing and calibrating Fluke 6331 Calibration Bath Repair in both our service department and field labs, including remote testing stations over the years. Our well-equipped repair facility maintains a comprehensive stock of most Fluke parts. Fluke 6331 Calibration Bath Repair, designed as a deepwell-bath for the calibration of thermometers and sensors that don’t fit in block calibrators, is part of our expertise. If you require Fluke 6331 Calibration Bath repair or calibration, fill out our Quick Quote form, and a service specialist will respond promptly.


Fluke Calibration Bath Repair

Fluke calibration bath products are designed for precise temperature calibration of thermometers, temperature sensors, and other temperature-sensitive devices. These calibration baths provide stable and accurate temperature environments within a controlled liquid medium, allowing instruments to be calibrated against known standards. Here are some key Fluke calibration bath products and their functionalities:
  1. Fluke Calibration 6109A and 7109A Portable Calibration Baths:
    • Functionality: Portable baths for calibrating temperature sensors and thermometers.
    • Features: Offer temperature ranges typically from -25°C to 140°C (-13°F to 284°F) or higher. Provide stability and uniformity in temperature control for accurate calibrations.
    • Applications: Used in field calibration, laboratory testing, and production environments where portability and flexibility are required.
  2. Fluke Calibration 7102 and 7103 Micro-Baths:
    • Functionality: Compact baths for calibrating temperature sensors and small thermometers.
    • Features: Provide precise temperature control with stability and uniformity. Offer temperature ranges suitable for various calibration needs.
    • Applications: Ideal for calibrating RTDs (Resistance Temperature Detectors) and thermocouples in laboratory and field applications where space is limited.
  3. Fluke Calibration 7006, 7106, and 7108 Deep-Well Baths:
    • Functionality: Deep-well baths for calibrating long and odd-shaped temperature sensors.
    • Features: Offer deep immersion depths and precise temperature control. Provide uniform temperature distribution throughout the calibration zone.
    • Applications: Used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and pharmaceuticals for calibrating temperature probes, RTDs, and thermocouples with extended immersion lengths.
  4. Fluke Calibration 7302 and 7312 Standard Baths:
    • Functionality: Standard baths for calibrating a wide range of temperature sensors and instruments.
    • Features: Provide large calibration volumes, high stability, and uniformity. Available with various temperature ranges and optional stirrers for improved temperature uniformity.
    • Applications: Suitable for calibrating thermometers, temperature controllers, and other temperature-sensitive devices in calibration laboratories and manufacturing facilities.
  5. Fluke Calibration 9009 Industrial Dual-Block Calibrator:
    • Functionality: Dual-block calibrator with dry-well and temperature bath capabilities.
    • Features: Combines the versatility of a dry-well calibrator and the immersion capability of a bath. Provides precise and stable temperature control for calibrating a wide range of temperature sensors and instruments.
    • Applications: Used in industrial settings for on-site calibration of thermocouples, RTDs, temperature switches, and other temperature instruments.


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