Fluke Calibrator Repair

Fluke 712 RTD Calibrator Repair

June Company Industrial Services have repaired and calibrated Fluke temperature calibrators of all variations in our service department and in the field alike. Our repair facility stock most Fluke parts reducing your down-time. Fluke temperature calibrators simulate process sensors for testing temperature instrumentation. When paired with a temperature sensor they can take high accuracy temperature measurements to verify process temperatures and ensure the highest product quality and safety. If you are in need of a Fluke 712 temperature calibrator repair or calibration, simply fill out our Quick Quote form and a service specialist will reply as soon as possible.


At June Company Industrial Services, our Fluke 712 RTD Calibrator Repair and field service technicians are very familiar with Fluke industrial products because they use them as customers too. As, a whole, our company uses Fluke products for repair, troubleshooting, and calibrating products more than any other manufacturer. This puts us in a unique position where we know the user and software functionality of all industrial Fluke products, as well as the hardware and the component design of all industrial Fluke products. We keep schematic diagrams for all of the Fluke products we service and never outsource to other repair companies but usually the opposite. If you are in need of a Fluke 712 RTD Calibrator Repair repair and/or calibration, please fill out our Quick Quote form, and we will respond as soon as possible.


Fluke Calibrator Repair

Fluke Calibration is a leader in precision calibration instruments and software for electrical, temperature, pressure, and flow measurement. Their products are used in calibration laboratories, manufacturing facilities, and various industries where accurate measurements are critical. Here are some key Fluke Calibration products and their functionalities:
  1. Electrical Calibration:
    • Multifunction Calibrators:
      • 5522A: Provides a wide range of electrical signal simulation, including voltage, current, resistance, and frequency, used for calibrating digital multimeters, oscilloscopes, and other electrical instruments.
      • 5080A: A multifunction calibrator designed for calibrating analog and digital meters, as well as other electrical test equipment.
    • Reference Multimeters:
      • 8588A: High-precision digital multimeter used as a reference standard in calibration labs for measuring voltage, current, and resistance with exceptional accuracy.
  2. Temperature Calibration:
    • Dry-Well Calibrators:
      • 9100S/9102S: Portable dry-well calibrators providing stable temperature environments for calibrating thermocouples, RTDs, and other temperature sensors in the field or lab.
      • 9142/9143/9144: Field metrology wells that offer a combination of portability and high accuracy for temperature calibration.
    • Temperature Baths:
      • 7380 Series: High-precision liquid baths providing stable temperature environments for calibrating temperature sensors over a wide range of temperatures.
      • 6330 Series: Portable calibration baths suitable for use in laboratories and field calibration, offering excellent temperature stability and uniformity.
    • Temperature Calibration Standards:
      • 9118A: High-accuracy temperature standard for calibrating thermocouples and RTDs, providing traceability to international temperature standards.
  3. Pressure Calibration:
    • Pressure Calibrators:
      • PPC4: Precision pressure calibrator for generating and measuring pressure with high accuracy, used in calibrating pressure sensors, gauges, and transducers.
      • 719Pro: Portable pressure calibrator with an integrated electric pump, allowing for convenient field calibration of pressure instruments.
    • Pressure Controllers:
      • Fluke 7250 Series: Automated pressure controllers providing precise pressure control for calibration and testing of pressure instruments.
      • Fluke 2271A: Industrial pressure controller/calibrator for automating pressure calibration processes and improving efficiency.
    • Deadweight Testers:
      • P3100 Series: Primary pressure standards providing highly accurate pressure measurement and calibration, using calibrated weights to generate pressure.
  4. Flow Calibration:
    • Gas Flow Calibrators:
      • Molbloc/molbox System: Modular system for calibrating gas flow meters and controllers, providing high accuracy and flexibility for various flow calibration needs.
      • 7250LP: Low-pressure gas flow calibrator for calibrating mass flow controllers, flow meters, and other gas flow measurement devices.
  5. Humidity Calibration:
    • Humidity Generators:
      • 9190A: Portable humidity generator for generating stable humidity conditions for calibrating hygrometers and humidity sensors.
      • 5128A: RHapid-Cal humidity generator providing fast and accurate humidity calibration for various applications.
  6. Software Solutions:
    • MET/CALĀ® Calibration Software: Comprehensive software suite for automating calibration processes, managing calibration data, and generating calibration certificates, enhancing efficiency and compliance in calibration labs.
    • MET/TEAMĀ® Asset Management Software: Software for managing calibration assets, tracking calibration schedules, and ensuring compliance with quality standards.
  7. Accessories and Support Equipment:
    • Temperature Probes and Sensors: High-accuracy probes and sensors designed to work with Fluke Calibration temperature instruments, ensuring precise and reliable temperature measurements.
    • Pressure Fittings and Adapters: A range of fittings and adapters for connecting pressure instruments and ensuring secure and leak-free connections during calibration.
Fluke Calibration products are known for their accuracy, reliability, and ease of use, making them essential tools for ensuring the accuracy and consistency of measurements in various industrial and laboratory applications.
Fluke Calibrator Repair


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